Page 12 - Annual Report 2022 / 2023
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  Spotlight on Affordable Housing
We have delivered 812 housing units equating
to £127 million and have a further £100m in development and construction. Being involved in over 1,300 housing units demonstrates the presence we hold in this sector.
We have started to implement our knowledge from other sectors into the affordable housing sector and this has recently seen the creation of a completion requirements checklist that benefits from our experience in delivering large scale infrastructure projects and applying this to large scale block housing units that still have life safety systems, fire compartmentation, lifts, sprinklers and mechanical and electrical systems. All of which we have extensive experience in validating.
We have developed strong relationships with our affordable housing contractors who we recognise are large employers of staff and apprenticeships in our regional economies, as are the local supply chain who serve the affordable housing market.
Housing has seen major leaps forward in terms
of sustainability requirements to meet funding requirements, changes in building regulations that will no longer allow the installation of gas boilers in new housing developments.
As covered in the last annual report we have hired team members with direct client experience in the affordable housing market. Via the creation of an Affordable Housing forum we are able to cross fertilise best practice across our clients and operate a platform to promote innovation, lessons leant and education.
We acknowledge our participants have well tested housing types and this forum and our efforts are not focused on influencing these, but rather helping derive value for money, achieving sustainability aspirations and deriving quality.
We look forward to continuing to deliver in the affordable housing market.
Highstonehall South Lanarkshire Council
   Flatt Road North Ayrshire Council
  East Whitlawburn Housing Project South Lanarkshire Council
 Lady Margaret Gardens North Ayrshire Council
 Mainholm Housing South Ayrshire Council
  St Beya North Ayrshire Council
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