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 South Lanarkshire Focus
We have delivered 384 housing units for South Lanarkshire Council. From this we have created 15 jobs, 46 apprentices and £26m has been recirculated in our territory.
Marjory McMurray, resident at the Avon Road development said: “I have lived in Larkhall all my life and grew up just a few hundred yards from where I am now. Everywhere I have lived before has always just felt like a house – not a home. For the first time
I have my own front door and a bathroom upstairs and downstairs which is fantastic. I just love it. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and have to pinch myself that it isn’t a dream – this really is where I live now.”
Councillor Davie McLachlan, Chair of the South Lanarkshire Council’s Housing and Technical Resources Committee said: “Avon Road is a well
North Ayrshire Focus
We are involved in the delivery of 481 housing units for North Ayrshire Council. Having already delivered 384 units across nine sites we have proven to be a successful delivery partner for the authority. Two of these projects were delivered on islands. From our housing delivery for North Ayrshire Council we have generated 30 jobs, 51 apprenticeships and £26.3m of the project spend has been recirculated into our territory.
Councillor Tony Gurney, Cabinet Member for Green Environment and Economy at North Ayrshire Council, said: “These new homes at St Michael’s Place highlight the enormous efforts we are investing in ensuring our residents have warm, welcoming
and environmentally-conscious homes. Throughout the sheltered housing, supported accommodation, general needs, amenity and wheelchair homes, all
thought out construction project with not only well planned out houses for its new residents but also built in a great location close to a good range of local amenities in a well-established community. Seeing and hearing first-hand how delighted residents are with their new homes makes all the hard work and vision of these developments all the more satisfying.”
  Marjory McMurray Avon Housing Project September 2023 South Lanarkshire Council
 South Ayrshire Focus
Prestwick Main Street Housing South Ayrshire Council
We are delivering 315 housing units for South Ayrshire Council. This includes the Prestwick Main Street project that completed last year and acts well to show what can be achieved when implementing a place making agenda and redeveloping a gap site in this thriving Ayrshire town. We’re also delivering the Mainholm and Riverside Housing Project in Ayr.
Councillor Martin Kilbride, Buildings, Housing and Environment Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: “This new development will significantly boost the number of quality affordable homes we have in South Ayrshire. This is not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about building communities and housing which meets the needs of our tenants.”
  Mainholm Housing Sod Cutting September 2022 South Ayrshire Council
 have been built in accordance with the Scottish Government’s greener standard, ensuring that they are as environmentally friendly as possible.”
  St Michaels Place North Ayrshire Council
  2022-2023 Annual Report

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