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 This photo shows collaboration, lessons learnt and continuous improvement in action. The hub South West Scotland construction management team facilitated a meeting between Kier Construction and Morgan Sindall Construction to discuss lessons learnt from the Queen Margaret Academy project that Kier built in 2019 and the Maybole Community Campus which Morgan Sindall handed over this summer. The design of both schools are similar and many of the supply chain are the same so this process enabled a productive discussion.
 Delivering NET ZER
Tackling climate change is a key policy target of
the Scottish Government and they aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045. With the construction industry responsible for 12% of global carbon emissions, we are committed in this arena to make tangible benefits.
Driving sustainability agendas are interrelated with place making principles and our strategic support offering in bringing in industry experts is proving to offer a robust option to assist our participants in assessing, developing and delivering their sustainability agendas.
In our drive to help our participants we have assembled a specialist team to work for the Territory Partnering Board. This team will provide our participants with route maps to look at new and innovative ways of meeting low carbon planning and construction challenges.
Collaboration, education, and innovation are key
in achieving progress and we are well positioned
to identify opportunities and solutions to meet the challenges and to share knowledge and best practice across our participants.
We held a Sustainability Forum with our construction partners/design teams and professional service teams with over 60 people in attendance and key takeaways from this was:
• The need for a collective definition on Net Zero as currently there are too many interpretations.
• The need to help create a clearly defined brief on what the participants need.
• The need to standardise the required output and work to the same targets with standard appointments.
• The need for education across the board.
• The need to capture lessons learnt and share performance data.
• The need to educate, monitor and evaluate how occupiers are using the buildings.
• The need to help participants plan the 2030 journey and align standards on this.
We have created a central core focused on leadership, education, innovation and sharing of data and have sub groups covering affordable housing, existing facilities, health, education, retrofitting and electric vehicle charging.
 Sustainability Forum
 Managing inflation and market volatility
We have been providing quarterly market volatility and inflation presentations to the Territory Partnering Board to ensure our participants base are aware of the issues we currently face in the industry. This platform also enables the sharing of knowledge that we have established form the other hub companies and lessons learnt to share best practice.
Whilst it is important to educate project stakeholders on the impact of market volatility and inflation,
it is equally as important to maintain our strong processes and challenge the position.
Through our dedicated development managers, processes and unique market testing method, we are able to best manage the current market conditions and forecast future outlooks at an early stage.
Our rigorous market testing process gains market returns from a minimum of 80% of packages and three tender returns. This process is ‘open book’ deriving the best price. This process feeds into
a value for money statement. The speed of our development process is proving to save participants significant inflation risk.
    Continuous improvement in action
      2022-2023 Annual Report

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