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 ability to support our participants in a wide range
of programme activities from place making whole scale portfolio reviews, housing strategies and heating strategies. We also support on a range of project specific works where we can call off resource from our established strategic support network
to assist our participants. We can also offer full Project Management Office resourcing to assist our participants at a programme level.
In the next year we will pass the £1 billion value of financial closes and will deliver our 100th project. These are significant milestones for us all as a collective.
The future is bright and we thank our participants for believing in the hub model and believing in us.
  Construction partners satisfying their Social Value TOM’s obligations by supporting a hub South West led Secondary School STEM Education course that has been applied at a programme level.
 Delivering a hub South West STEM Education Programme
 hub South West Strategic Support Offering
Strategic Support is a range of additional services that can be provided by hub South West and our partners to assist participants to complete service planning and wider estate strategies
This is an agile, dynamic and best value way of supporting participants through new project development bringing in leading industry experts for the benefit of participants.
PMO resource offering
Access to leading industry experts
Developing place making agendas
Full estate portfolio reviews and planning Housing strategy development
Driving froward participants’ net zero agendas First step in a project’s lifecycle through hub
Range of services provided which can provide early studies into project feasibility/viability
Creating business cases for new infrastructure, developing commercial and technical basis for Authority decisions
Technical appraisal of sites and opportunities
Clinical reviews of health estates, the redesign of service delivery to inform infrastructure needs
Business case funding support
                2022-2023 Annual Report

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