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  Contractor Refresh
As part of our commitment to reviewing our construction partnerships every three years to ensure the highest quality projects are delivered
for the people and communities across south west Scotland, we have joined forces with a number of contractors who will help to deliver community- changing projects across the south west of Scotland.
Contractor Refresh
Following the refresh process, we hosted a strategy day with our contractor partners which included our quality, sustainability and community wealth building forums. These forums fed directly into the strategies we are deploying across the business.
Over the next few months, we’ll be collaborating with our participant procurement groups focused on
• We met with the NHS/blue light and local authority groups as to detail out the pipeline.
• We established what was important to our participants and created a range of questions focused on aspects that are important to us
all – sustainability/retro fit/managing market volatility/community wealth building and social value etc.
• We wanted to get construction partners on board that can help deliver the types of projects we need. The PQQ enabled us to articulate everything hub South West is about. Where we are, where we are going and our areas of focus and values.
• 20 organisations responded to our expression of interest and attended our meet the buyer event.
• We made an effort to sell the benefits of the partnership and the established pipeline.
We were delighted earlier this year to announce our refreshed construction partners:
deriving regional specific strategies. By consulting with local authority, NHS and blue light participants at an individual region basis we will achieve a joined up place making approach.
Our forums have already got off to a flying start and we’re looking forward to much more still to come.
Quality forum with industry May 2023
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