Services from Age Scotland

Services from Age Scotland

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Services from Age Scotland

As more people work for longer, Age Scotland is working hard to promote the importance of age inclusion within organisations right across Scotland, and would really welcome an opportunity to speak organisations who have age inclusion on their agenda, and to hear what their priorities are and what their activities are in this area.   

If you would like to discuss further please contact Jonathan Park - Age Inclusive Workplaces - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 A great starting point when thinking about age inclusion within your organisation is to spend about 20 minutes completing the new self-assessment questionnaire which asks you to think about your current age inclusion activities. 




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Available virtually

Self-assessment questionnaire

Short self-assessment questionnaire about your organisations current approaches to key age-inclusive activities.  You can arrange a free one hour call with one of our consultants to discuss your questionnaire responses and discuss further actions


Age Inclusive Matrix

Fully funded consultancy service providing specialist HR support for an age-inclusive workplace.



Creation of digital media

To promote the importance of age inclusion –  first video here.  You may wish to use this for internal promotion



Age Scotland Helpline

Free impartial and confidential advice for older people, their carers and their families



Information & Advice

A wealth of online information on all topics of interest to older people , their carers and families